Von erfahrenen Linedance-Instruktoren haben wir zu jedem Songtitel eine passende Tanz-Empfehlung erhalten:


Summer Fly, A Country High, Codigo, Beautiful Day, First Waltz, Old Beach Roller Coaster, Kill The Spider, It's A Country Thing, Waggle Dance, Twist & Turns, Doctor Doctor, Tush Push, Stop Staring At My Eyes, Story, Rhyme Or Reason, Tag On, Homegrown, Rita's Waltz, Waltz Across Texas, Cowgirl Twist, Bring Down The House, Black Coffee, Good Time, Never Ever, They Call Me The Breeze, Country 2 Step, You Got Away, Whiskey Bridges, Alcohol, Roots, Missing, Like A Rose, Have You Ever Seen The Rain, Stroll Along Cha Cha, Talking Dirty, Amame, Just Wright, Country Walking, Sweet Sweet Smile, There Goes My Heart, Mr. Lonely, I Close My Eyes, Come Dance With Me, Bring On The Good Time, Golden Wedding Ring, American Kids, Cheyenne, Grundy Galopp und mehr...